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“A performance by Alan Rich leaves everyone amused and thoroughly puzzled with his silky sleight of hand and great laughs. His tranquil exterior belies a rapier-witted showman, and he is intuitively funny...” 
— Los Angeles Times

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Raving Reviews

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When you bring your representative to a trade show, you're putting your best foot forward to show perspective companies and industry leads that you are serious about doing business. Unfortunately it's easy to blend in with the other company booths, being just another version of your competitors.

Step above the competition and stand out by providing perspective leads more than just an offering.

Give them a unique entertainment experience with magic! A form of entertainment that truly amazes adults with it's mystery and humor. Give them a live personalized experience designed to have them see your company as not only more professional, but also as more caring to their experience.

Stand above the competition with Alan Rich Magic.



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